Elk Hunting

Black horse is ready to ride & hunt elk.
This horse went Elk Hunting in Colorado in November 2009.

Things-to-do prior to Elk Hunting

  • sign-up (schedule) hunting safety class
  • get work-book & study-guide for hunting safety class
  • complete work-book for hunting safety class
  • attend hunting safety class (Oct 10)
  • purchase Colorado Elk Hunting tag via internet (Oct 10)
  • received Colorado Elk Hunting tag via US Mail (Oct 16)
  • go shopping (sleeping bag, cot, chair, hunter orange, ammo, gloves, cold weather hat)
  • take plenty of clothes
  • pack items from Elk Hunting Equipment List

3 Things I would do differently on my next Elk Hunt

  • Ride a horse in preparation for elk hunting before I got there ... my ass was pretty sore
  • Wool, all guides and everybody in Colorado there wore wool. I will have a wool outfit next time I go elk hunting
  • Gators for your lower leg (needs to be down & hooks to your boots) ... tons of snow & these gators were worn by the guides ... worked great

Keith kills a 4x5 Bull Elk in Colorado in October 2009.
Colorado: 4x5 Bull Elk in October 2009. The Elk Hunting was tough in the rough, high country chasing elk. Tried with a bow at first, but end of the rut & Elk had finishing bugling. Lost 2.5 days of our elk hunt to 18 inches of snow when caught in a blizzard. It for 3 of the 6 days. It was very hard Elk Hunting, didn't see a lot. So I thought I'd better shoot one when I saw it. Really wanted to bring some meat back. My dad was trying to shoot a cow the last day but never got a shot.

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